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Ask a Lawyer in the Library Program

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Lawyer in the Library - remote 




  Ask a Lawyer Program Policy and Procedures please see Procedures for Remote Lawyer in the Library.



Ask a Lawyer Pro Bono Stats   

Pro Bono Stats Year to Year


INTAKE and AGREEMENT: https://forms.gle/VgcTJE696TUnG2gVA 


BLOGPOSTS: https://aacpll.org/?s=lawyer+in+the+library or https://aacpll.org/?s=ask+a+lawyer 


see also: MVLS Foreclosure Clinic - volunteer info




Link on Court website "Ask a Lawyer in the Law Library" program information.


Remote Flyer: 

flyer remote Ask a Lawyer public.pub

flyer remote Ask a Lawyer public.pdf


Ask A Lawyer in the Library PR

     (flyers, poster, articles, etc.)




Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Directory    


Self Help Resources


Anne Arundel County Referrals




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