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Ask a Lawyer in the Library: Step-by-Step Procedures

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Ask A Lawyer in the Law Library - step by step



  • Set out basket and sign

  • Place cards in front of the basket


Information Collection - The Yellow Pad

  • Enter name of attorney at the top of the sheet upon arrival

  • Record attorney arrival time

  • Record attorney departure time


  • Number yellow pad 1-6

  • Designate area at bottom of sheet to collect “issues”


Program Sign-up

  • Ask issue for which help is needed

    • Write in “issue” area of the sign-up sheet

      • If Criminal refer to Public Defender

      • If Family refer to FLSHC

  • Instruct them to put name on card, fold, and put in the basket

    • Explain lottery

  • Give them Limited Advice Agreement and Intake Sheet

    • Information above the dotted lines should be completed

    • Forms should be returned to desk for review

    • Make sure Household Size and Income is filled out

      • Clients may not see the attorney unless that information is there

      • (MVLS requires it in order to sponsor the program)


The Lottery

  • Ask Paul to pick the names

  • Add names to the list in the order pulled

    • Add the number to the Agreement and Intake Sheet for each


The Program

  • Start of Session

  • Find the first person on the list

  • Take them to the small conference room with their agreement and intake forms

  • Set the Odyssey Judicial Timer for 20 minutes

    • Make sure the sound is on for the computer

  • End of session

    • Go the conference room

    • Take the paperwork

      • Make sure that  the attorney has filled out the bottom

      • Make a copy (use bronze key in the vend unit)

    • Give copies to the client

  • End the session

    • If there are not enough clients to fill the time slots, sessions can be extended a few minutes.


  • If the session ends before the timer goes off - make sure to collect and make the copies






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