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Homeless Resource Day 2017: Statistics

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 2 years, 8 months ago

Pro Bono attorneys (11):    Ginina Stevenson, Myriem Seabron ,Eric Crowder, Nickola Sybblis, and Patrice Clark of Iliff, Meredith, Wildberger & Brennan.  Jonathan Church of the Office the State's Attorney.  Margaret Leonard, Amy Seigel, Kathleen Hughes, Anita Bailey and Lisa Sarro with Tammy Watts, paralegal , all of the Annapolis Office of Legal Aid.  


Legal Aid: Amy Petkovsek and Bobbie Steyer


HPRP: Swapna Veluri with volunteer attorneys Jeremy Anderson, Martha Voorhees and Kate Bunker.


MVLS: Maxine Roberts and Laurie Culkin


Coordinator: Joan Bellistri


Participants (48):  


Criminal and expungement*
Debt/Credit and Bankruptcy
Driver's Lic/ID/Birth Certificate/Vehicle registration/death certificate
Torts/Personal Injury/Med Mal   4
Employment / Workers' Comp    -
Immigration    -
Other ( selective service, how to get dog back from Animal Control, peace order)    1


*Expungement petitions filed for 33 guests.


MVLS had 8 intakes for family law cases.


One guest was referred to the Office of the Public Defender for intake.



Homeless Resource Day Overall Statistics

384 guests

61 providers

295 volunteers


for a comparison with past years:   Homeless Resource Day Comparison.pdf












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