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2017 Survey to Local Committee Chairs on county and regional pro bono services

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 6 years, 7 months ago

From email dated 11/7/2017



We did come up with procedures that cover those questions -  



1.       What is the term of the LC Chair or Regional Committee (RC) POC?  - the term (2 yrs)


2.       Who appoints the LC Chair or RC POC?  - the chair is chosen by the Committee


3.    Who appoints the LC/RC members?  the County Administrative Judge or if bar members, by the Bar president



4.       What is the year of the last LC / RC member roster (answer only if a roster was not already provided this year – new or updated rosters may be emailed).

ROSTER: http://aacpll.pbworks.com/w/page/44464630/Anne%20Arundel%20County%20Local%20Pro%20Bono%20Committee%3A%20Roster


5.       When did the LC / RC last meet?  MEETING SCHEDULE - http://aacpll.pbworks.com/w/page/36397010/Meetings



6.     Did the LC / RC receive a copy of its last Pro Bono Plan this summer (we will email another copy if needed)?

 PLAN (we don't need one sent since we know what and where it is): http://aacpll.pbworks.com/w/file/98299446/Pro%20Bono%20Action%20Plan%20A%20A%20Co%202014%20final%20rev.docx



7.    What are the best dates/months/time frame that a liaison of the SC (i.e., Judge Karen Jensen, Sharon Goldsmith, etc.) may participate in a LC / RC meeting in 2018? Please provide several choices.

MEETING SCHEDULE - http://aacpll.pbworks.com/w/page/36397010/Meetings



8.    For #7, is the LC /RC interested in that meeting being a joint meeting with the County Bar Assn(s) (if the LC /RC is not part of the County(ies) Bar Assn)?


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