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Divorce Packet

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AACPLL FAQs >   Divorce Packet


The following is a list of resources available in the Law Library. It is not exhaustive and is intended only to provide background information for library patrons. It should not be regarded as legal advice.


(See also: Separation Agreements and the Custody Packet for parenting plans)



For help with your family legal matter, speak to an attorney:





The following forms are all available at https://mdcourts.gov/family/formsindex#domesticrelations.


Guide & File (Easy Court Forms) for divorce are now available in a guided interview format. 


Spanish Language forms https://mdcourts.gov/family/family-forms-spanish 




General Instructions for all domestic relations forms 


Instructions for Completing and Filing Divorce Forms (CC-DRIN-A) Revised instructions available on 10/01/2023 @ https://mdcourts.gov/family/formsindex#domesticrelations.


CC-DCM-001 Civil - Domestic Case Information Report (Required)


CC-DR-20 - Complaint for Absolute Divorce (Includes requests for custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and other types of property decisions)

Instructions for completing CC-DR-020 


CC-DR-031 - Financial Statement (General)


CC-DR-033 - Joint Statement of Parties Concerning Marital and Non-Marital Property



If children are involved:


CC-DR-030 Financial Statement (Child Support Guidelines) 



If requesting child support, the worksheets below may be required later. However, it is easier to use one of these online child support calculators:



Use this worksheet if one parent has sole or primary physical custody:

CC-DR-034 Worksheet A - Child Support Obligation: Primary Physical Custody 


Use this worksheet if both parents have joint or shared physical custody:

CC-DR-035 Worksheet B - Child Support Obligation: Shared Physical Custody 


Answer and Counter Complaint





Mutual Consent  - more resources on mutual consent divorce.



Online Resources


Maryland Judiciary




Divorce - A 9-Part Series (Videos) 




Responding to a Complaint for Divorce in Maryland  (on-demand)


Filing for Divorce in Maryland (on-demand)



People's Law Library of Maryland articles on divorce include:

Alimony in Maryland with link to an Alimony Quiz 


Overview of Divorce in Maryland  


Grounds for Absolute Divorce 


Separation Agreements


Marital and Non-Marital Property in Maryland


Enforcing Orders


How Will Divorce or Separation Affect My Immigration Status?


The Maryland Custody & Divorce Self Help Client Workbook



Library Resources 


Fader's Maryland Family Law. / Callahan, Cynthia and Ries, Thomas C. (LexisNexis 2021) (RES KFM 1294.F33) and online on Lexis in the law library.


Legal Rights in Marriage and Divorce, 8th ed. (Women's Law Center of Maryland, 2018) (Self Help KFM 1296.W45 2018)

Derechos Juridicos en el Matrimonio y el Divorcio Spanish 2d Edition (Women's Law Center of Maryland, 2001)


Maryland Divorce and Separation Law, 11th Edition. / Condliffe, John J. and Debra B. Cruz (MSBA 2023) (KFM 1300.M37) and online in the law library.


Maryland Domestic Relations Forms: with Practice Commentary. / Turnbull, Ann McKenrick. (LexisNexis 2017) (KFM 1294.A65 T8) and on Lexis in the law library





Available Below and in Law Library:


Maryland Code, Family Law, Title 7 Divorce


Maryland Rules of Procedure: Md. Rules of Procedure Title 9, Chapter 200


NOTE: New Law effective October 1, 2023  Senate Bill 36 (CH645) and House Bill 14 (CH646) generally simplify the initiation of divorce proceedings by repealing most existing grounds for an absolute divorce and instead authorizing a court to grant an absolute divorce based on the grounds of:


(1) six-month separation, if the parties have lived separate and apart for six months without interruption before the filing of the application for divorce or  


(2) irreconcilable differences based on the reasons stated by the complainant for the permanent termination of the marriage.


The bills specify that parties who have pursued separate lives must be deemed to have lived separate and apart for purposes of the six-month separation even if the parties reside under the same roof or the separation is in accordance with a court order. The bills do not alter the ability of parties to be granted an absolute divorce based on the ground of mutual consent. Finally, the bills also repeal existing provisions that authorize a court to grant a limited divorce (a type of divorce that does not sever the marriage but can, among other things, address issues of custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and use and possession of a family home). 


Please see  the MVLS Fact Sheet on the 2023 Legislative Changes to Maryland Divorce Law 


Revised and effective 10/01/2023 




CC-DR-20 - Complaint for Absolute Divorce (Includes requests for custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and other types of property decisions)












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