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Homeless Resource Day 2018: Statistics

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 5 years, 8 months ago

Pro Bono attorneys:    , Myriem Seabron ,Eric Crowder, Nickola Sybblis, , Anita Bailey and 


Legal Aid:  and Bobbie Steyer



Coordinator: Joan Bellistri


Participants (:  


Criminal and expungement*
Debt/Credit and Bankruptcy
Driver's Lic/ID/Birth Certificate/Vehicle registration/death certificate
Torts/Personal Injury/Med Mal   
Employment / Workers' Comp    -
Immigration    -
Other ( selective service, how to get dog back from Animal Control, peace order)    


*Expungement petitions filed for 33 guests.



Homeless Resource Day Overall Statistics


per Justin Bieler, Homeless Coordinator, Anne Arundel County Department Of Social Services:

It was a rainy day.  I believe that impacted our numbers, but I also noticed that people that have been at the event year after year were not present this year.  Given that the county has housed over 50 people within the past year - I would like to think that contributed to us not seeing some usual faces this year.


We did see 307 guests attend the event.

21% were from shelters

13% were from residential programs / halfway houses / etc

13% were staying with family

13% were staying with friends

13% were renting their own apartment


10% were living in a place not meant for habitation

while 17% were in other categories.


Of the 307 people in attendance; 145 were male and 122 were female.  We had 40 children present.  10 individuals were Veterans.



for a comparison with past years:   Homeless Resource Day Comparison.pdf












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