Agenda 2019-01-28

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee   draft

Meeting Agenda January 28, 2019 (12:15)

  Law Library Conference Room


  1. Approval of Minutes: 


     2. Education and Outreach 

    1. Advertising at Inn of Court Chambers Chats 


     3. Projects

    1. Pro Bono Celebration  summary 
    2. Pro Bono Award and and AABA /Committee Joint Dinner - report 
    3.  expungement expansion for LIL

      1. kick-off - January LIL in Glen Burnie with Legal Aid (3rd Wednesday) 

      2. - expungement training 

    4. April 6, North Arundel County Alumnae Chapter (NACAC) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Expungement Clinic, tentative locations - West County Library/Heborn Harmon Elementary 

               iv.  Pro Bono Survey and Tracker - 

                v.  Elder Law / project - Elena Boisvert  


       4. Family Law Mentoring and Pro Bono Study Group           


       5.  Old business

                    i. Composition of Committee - Bar members - (who can contact AABA President?)


                    ii.  Annual Report


                           2018  AACO 2018 PB Report rcvd 11.8.2018.pdf


      6. New Business

               i. Pro Bono recognition lunch

                    a. Pro Bono reporting year change (new date for lunch)

                    b. Funding





     ii. ANASYS report  found at Current Status of Pro Bono Service Among Maryland Lawyers - ANASYS - Reports

Final Report: Current Status of Pro Bono Service Among Maryland Lawyers, Year 2017,  NOVEMBER 20, 2018:

     2017 Pro Bono Services Report 





Next Meeting: March 25, 2019?