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Answer and Counter Complaint

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The following is a list of resources available in the Law Library. It is not exhaustive and is intended only to provide background information for library patrons.It should not be regarded as legal advice.






     Maryland Rules of Procedure: Md. Rules of Procedure Title 2, Chapter 300















  • Maryland domestic relations forms: with practice commentary / Turnbull, Ann McKenrick (Lexis) (KFM1294.A65 T8 RES c.1 and Lexis online)
  • Maryland litigation forms and analysis / by Gary I. Strausberg, general editor. (West) (KFM1730 .A65 M372 1998 and Westlaw online) 
  • Civil procedure forms / by Liebmann, George W. (West) (KFM1730.A65 L5 and Westlaw online) 
  • Modern Maryland civil procedure / John A. Lynch, Jr., Professor of Law, University of Baltimore School of Law ; Richard W. Bourne, Late Professor of Law, University of Baltimore School of Law. (Lexis) (RES KFM1730 .L96 2016 and Lexis online) 
  • Maryland civil procedure forms: with practice commentary /Klein, Robert Dale. (KFM1730.A65 K64 2000 and Lexis online) 
  • Maryland elements of an action. (West) (KFM1730 .M28 2009-2010 and Westlaw online)
  • West's Maryland Law Encyclopedia - "Pleading" sections 16,18,21,21,27; "Divorce" section 36; and "Motions" sections 5 & 7. (REF KMF1265 .W43) 
  • Civil Pre-Trial Practice: 2019 Revised Edition - Chapter 6 "Initial Pleading and Service of Process" pg. 77 (KFM1730 .D59 2019) 



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