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Procedures for Remote Lawyer in the Library

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Procedures for Remote Lawyer in the Library


Program will be held during the same time as the in-person programs.

Weekly 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (Wednesday)

Program is not held the last two weeks in December.



Appointments will be made online using Calendly.



Sign-up link is on the Lawyer in the Library webpage.



If client is unable to sign-up online, appointment can be made by calling or visiting the library. 




  • Intake/agreement forms can be found online on the Lawyer in the Library webpage. (Form link thru FY23: https://forms.gle/SyZNUoqZkG6XWXGKA  for FY24 https://forms.gle/hF5yAP6HTU9Bn3bQA )
  • Intake/agreement forms are emailed automatically upon registration. 
  • Library will follow-up with email and phone calls with intake reminders. 
  • Client must answer all questions on the form and indicate acceptance of the agreement by typing their name on the agreement form.


If client is unable to complete the forms online, the librarian will input information into the forms and indicate that there was an oral agreement.  


By accepting the services of the Lawyer in the Library program you agree to the following terms – text of the agreement to be read here.



Law Librarian will prepare a summary of those who have signed up, including resources, information, and referrals sent to the client, and send to the attorney and public librarians.




  • The program exists to provide free legal advice and should not be considered as a means of finding new clients for volunteer attorneys.


  • Low income clients in need of representation should be referred to MVLS, if appropriate, or to the resources listed on the Referrals page.  MVLS provides qualifying information at their website: http://mvlslaw.org/get-legal-help/.  More details on MVLS Guidelines are here: MVLS Guidelines. Clients who want to hire an attorney should be referred to the AABA Lawyers Referral Service.  (Please note: Clients should not be told to visit the AABA offices for referrals.  The AABA LRS is a phone based service.) Referrals should not be made to specific attorneys.




  • AACPL will start the Zoom Meeting.
  • Attorney will join the Zoom meeting via videoconferencing or phone using sign-in information provided by the law library.
  • Client will be sent the Zoom meeting information will join via phone or videoconference.
  • Notes for clients using phone:
  • Attorney and client will be put in a separate meeting room. (If there are questions, the attorney or client can leave the room and come back to the main room.)
  • Attorney and client will receive notices that time is up.
  • Attorney and client will be returned to the main room when the session has ended.





Librarian will complete information for intake/agreement using the spreadsheet columns.



You will click on “Responses” and then the little green spreadsheet symbol.




The attorney info is at the end of the row.





Anne Arundel County Public Library will advertise via events publications and email.

Information will be posted on the main court webpage.

MVLS will advertise.


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