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Agenda 2023 01 23

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 1 year, 6 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee   

Meeting Agenda January 23, 2023 @ 12:15



 • Approval of Minutes 


• Education and Outreach


• Projects

  • Family Law Skills and Study Group
  • Lawyer in the Library - volunteers 


• Old Business


• New Business

  • Standing Committee FY23 grant request
    • Zoom
    • Calendly
    • Recognition event 
  • Membership - Joy Stinson is no longer with Legal Aid 
    • Recruitment of private attorneys should be done by other private attorneys--but our committee is made up of all government or pro bono organization attorneys.


    • Erin Gable floated the idea for "a retreat to brainstorm ideas and invite various members of the bench, representative from large and small firms and representatives for the committees for the bar association.  If we get them "off site" for a couple of hours - we might come up with some real innovative ideas (plus buy in)."


    • Ginina asked about getting our committee to lead efforts within the community. Perhaps community leaders/community organization requests should guide us? Maybe one annual in the community volunteer event?


NEXT MEETING: March 27, 2023 


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