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Finding an Attorney - Civil

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The Law Library cannot recommend a specific attorney but can provide the following information and referrals. 


Video: Hiring and Working with Your Lawyer https://mdcourts.gov/video/selfhelp/hiring-and-working-your-lawyer

Tip Sheet: https://mdcourts.gov/sites/default/files/import/video/docs/tipsheethiringworkingwithlawyer.pdf 


Video: Finding Help in a Legal Case https://mdcourts.gov/video/courthelp/finding-legal-help-civil-case

Tip Sheet; https://mdcourts.gov/sites/default/files/import/video/docs/tipsheetfindinglegalhelp.pdf 





AABA Lawyers Referral Servicehire an attorney ($35.00 charge for initial meeting) 410-222-6859

Civil Justice, Inc.
 — statewide referrals include referrals for full representation, limited scope and reduced fee (443-853-1011) and access to the Maryland Justice Passport tool


Pro Bono (Free) and Reduced Fee Civil Legal Services


Commercial resources include:











OR go to the FAQs in sidebar @ aacpll.pbworks.com 

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