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Anne Arundel County Local Pro Bono Committee

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 1 year, 5 months ago

The Local Pro Bono Committee exists per Maryland Rule 19-502  to "develop, in coordination with existing legal services organizations and pro bono referral organizations that provide services in the county, a detailed Local Pro Bono Action Plan to promote pro bono legal service to meet the needs of persons of limited means in the county."




 Local Pro Bono Membership Procedures                                               


Meetings  - agendas and minutes


     Agenda template:  Agenda template.docx  OR here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EObxert7R404W9AWQqV8eD8MzxsgSPDp4VX_oyQiyKw/edit?usp=sharing 


    Minutes template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EObxert7R404W9AWQqV8eD8MzxsgSPDp4VX_oyQiyKw/edit?usp=sharing  

    Local Pro Bono Minutes instructions.docx 


  draft Work Plan September 2012           


 Annual Reports


Maryland RULE 19-502 - Local Pro Bono Committees and Plans  


AA Co (pro bono) Report - through 2013.docx




Local Pro Bono Committee Projects  


Ask a Lawyer in the Library Program


        Elder Law Clinic 


        Family Law Mentoring and Pro Bono Study Group


        Pro Bono Survey


        Pro Bono Reporting Tool   


        AABA Pro Bono Award


Local Pro Bono - Messaging

     Pro Bono Oppportunities handout 2020 01 28.docx 

     Pro Bono Articles 


Judicial Letters Promoting Pro Bono


ABA Sample: ABA examples.pdf


to Inns (2/2018): 

        pro bono letter.pdf

     Frequently Asked Questions.docx  


to AABA (2014)

      pro bono jud letter template.doc  


Local Committee Plan - 2014


Pro Bono Action Plan A A Co 2014 final rev.docx


Local Pro Bono Committee - Plan Documents - previous and revision discussion


Needs assessment update: Poverty Amidst Plenty V report of the Community Foundation Anne Arundel County -  2015-Needs-Assessmet-Final-for-Printer.pdf


2004 Committee 

Pro Bono Action Plan A A Co FINAL 5-25-04-1.doc








Standing Committee Resources




Short term opportunities - Sampling 4-23-2018 (002).pdf


Key Findings From 2016 reporting results - 03.19.2018 - 2 pgs.pdf


Key Findings of Annual Reports to Court slides.pptx


Best Practices Manual for Pro Bono Service Providers / Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland (2011)


Best Practices Manual for Local Pro Bono Committees (June 2010)


Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Pro Bono Service: Local Pro Bono Committee Resource Manual 

     (Revised July 2003)


Model govt atty policy 6-11-10.doc


Assessment and Survey Tools


ABA Resources


Video "Be the Change" ABA President's Legal Access Job Corp 


Legal Access Job Corp Resources:  



Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Service Liaison: Joan Bellistri





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