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AACPLL FAQs > Expungement


The following is a list of resources available in the Law Library. It is not exhaustive and is intended only to provide background information for library patrons. It should not be regarded as legal advice.


(See also Maryland Court Records)



(Also available in the library.)



     (Minor traffic violations except for section on transit facilities found at 7-705 (B)(6) .)

















Article:  Court of Appeals_ MVA can use expunged records _ Maryland Daily Record.pdf





New Expungement Form 9/2021


(Effective 10/1/2021) CC-DC-CR-072C: Petition For Expungement Of Records Acquittal, Dismissal, Not Guilty, Or Nolle Prosequi (Less Than 3 Years Has Passed Since Disposition)


New Expungement Forms 12/2018


The CC-DC-CR-072 A should be used for the expungement of acquittal, dismissal, probation before judgment, nolle pros, stet, and certain not criminally responsible dispositions. There will be no filing fee for these dispositions.

The CC-DC-CR-072 B should be used for the expungement of eligible guilty dispositions. The filing fee for guilty dispositions is $30.












MVLS expungement attorney training videos explain the process and the changes in the law:





  • Maryland Expungement App (designed by former Legal Aid attorney and current MVLS staff attorney, Matthew Stubenberg http://www.mdexpungement.com/





  • Arundel/HowardOffice of Maryland Legal Aid has clinics at least two clinics a month in Anne Arundel County.  Check with them for upcoming events.












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