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Separation Agreements

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The following materials are available in the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library for guidance on drafting a separation agreement.  This is not an exhaustive list and is intended only to provide background information to library patrons.  It should not be regarded as legal advice.




Maryland People's Law Library Separation Agreements





Library Resources - Maryland


Maryland Divorce and Separation Law, 11th ed., Daniel F Thomas,.  MICPEL 2023 – Chapter 5: Marital Settlement Agreements  KFM 1300.M37 2019 (Lexis & Westlaw)


Maryland Domestic Relations FormsLexis Nexis, 2009  -- Ch 14:  Form 14-02 Standard Property Settlement Agreement Form 14-02  and Form 14.3.1A Recitals of Mutual Consent. The remainder of the forms in Chapter 14 contain the specific details of the separation (custody, alimony, etc)  KFM 1294.A65T8 (available on Lexis) 


Finding Marital Separation Agreement forms on LexisAdvance.docx


Maryland Family and Juvenile Law: Practice Manual and Forms, by Natalie H Rees.  Data Trace Publishing Company, 2011  – Form 3-7, 3-8

KFM1294.R44 2001 (with CD)


Maryland Law Encyclopedia, Husband and Wife, Sec. 31-36



Library ResourcesGeneral


Lindey and Parley on Separation Agreements and Antenuptial Contracts, 2d, Alexander Lindey and Louis I Parley. (LexisNexis) 





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