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AACO Family Self Help Forms

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AACPLL FAQs > Family Law Resources > AACO Family Self Help Forms


 Judiciary's Family Law Forms are standardized online forms which are also available in Spanish.


Use the judiciary's FormsFinder to find out which forms you need  OR use one of the packets for forms and information below:


Custody Packet


Custody and Visitation Modification Packet


Child Support Modification Packet


Divorce Packet



Additional forms are available in the Family Self Help Center


Waiver of Family Services Fees in the Anne Arundel County Circuit:




Divorce (Mutual Consent):

Answer - Mutual Consent Absolute Div.doc

          for more information on new laws from the 2015 session see this blogpost: http://aacpll.org/2015/06/02/upcoming-changes-to-maryland-family-law-divorce/ 


Custody\Child Support


Consent to Custody CONSENTto CUSTODY.DOC

Consent to Joint Custody CONSENT to joint custody.doc

Consent to Modification of Child Support CONSENT.ModCS.DOC

Financial Statement short 

Financial Statement long 




Answer to complaint for absolute divorce.pdf

Answer - 36 paragraphs.doc

Answer - 18 paragraphs.DOC

Answer - 24 paragraphs.DOC

Answer - 15 paragraphs.doc

Answer - 14 paragraphs.doc


Exceptions to Magistrate's Report   ExceptionsMagistrate.Blank.docx




Request for production of documents - custody Pro Se RPDs with notice-- custody rev2020.doc

Request for production of documents- divorce Pro Se RPDs with notice -- divorce rev2020.doc


  Pro Se Interrogatories -- custody rev2020.doc

  Pro Se Interrogatories with notice -- divorce rev2020.doc



Notice of Records Dep.doc

Letter to accompany records dep.doc


Records Depos and Cert Biz Record.doc




Blank Motion Form MOTION4.Blank.doc   OR http://mdcourts.gov/courtforms/joint/cc022.pdf 

Motion to Defer Dismissal:  Motiontodeferdismissal (4).doc

Motion for Emergency Relief (including custody) AACoCirCt_Motion_EmergencyRelief_2020 rev2020.docx

Motion for Joint Stipulation of Dismissal MOTION.dismiss.stip (joint).doc

Motion for Postponement Motion for Postponement.doc

Motion for Reconsideration MOTION for Reconsideration.doc

Motion to Shorten Time NEWMotionShortenTime (3).doc 

Motion to Shorten Time Instructions NEWMotionotoShortenTimeInstructions].doc

Motion to Vacate Default Judgment MOTION TO VACATE DEFAULT ORDER.doc


Blank Petition Petition.BlankGeneral.doc


Petition for Contempt Contempt - Blank.doc


Form for sending Information to the Court Lineblank.doc




Certificate of Service CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE.doc


Request to Reissue Show Cause ReissueShowCause.doc  (re:contempt for denial of visitation)


Request to Reissue Summons ReissueSummons.doc





Affidavit AffadavitBlank.doc


Appeal Notice Appeal.doc  (see also Appeals)


Change of Address Change of Address form.docx


Complaint to Establish Paternity Complaint to Establish Paternity (2016).pdf

Complaint to Disestablish Paternity Complaint to Disestablish Paternity.pdf


Fee Waiver Financial Statement AACO Fee Waiver Financial Statement.pdf


Joint Statement of Marital Property JointStatementMaritalProperty.DOC  (modified DOM REL 33)


Notice of Dismissal Noticeofdismissal.doc


Request for Expedited Hearing RequestExpHearing.doc


Request for Expedited Pendente Lite Hearing RequestExpPLHearing.doc


Request for Waiver of Examiner Fee  Standing Examiner Fee Waiver and Order, 4.17.12.rtf


Supplemental Non-Military Affidavit Supplemental Non-Military Affidavit.pdf



The following are available in the Office of the Clerk of the Court:


petition - to correct marriage application and license.doc


order - to correct marriage application and license.doc


















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