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Administrative Appeals

AACPLL FAQs > Administrative Appeals


The following is a list of resources available in the Law Library. It is not exhaustive and is intended only to provide background information for library patrons. It should not be regarded as legal advice.


(See also: Administrative Hearings.)


Maryland Court Help Center  

phone (410-260-1392) and online chat services (https://www.mdcourts.gov/helpcenter/mchc).

8:30 am - 8:00 pm, M - F   




Md. Code, State Government § 10-222.


Maryland Rules of Procedure, Md. Rules of Procedure Title 7, Chapter 200.

Note: 7-202 (d) (1) does not require a certificate of service unless as required for the Workers' Compensation Commission as in (d) (2).  However, a certificate of service may help get the petition to the agency sooner and may result in a more timely preparation of the record by the agency. (per CCM 07/12/2012)




People's Law Library of MarylandAppealing an Administrative Agency Decision


Maryland Judiciary: Administrative Appeals


A2J Department video: https://www.mdcourts.gov/video/courthelp/administrativeappeals and TIP SHEET


John R. Grimm and Landyn Wm. Rookard, How Federal and Maryland Courts Review Administrative Agency Actions, 81 Md. L. Rev. 1224 (2022)




GUIDE FOR FORM: Judicial Review of Decision of Administrative Agency.docx (guide for filling at blank form below)

BLANK FORM: Judicial Review of Decision of Administrative AgencyBLANK.docx  


Memorandum Examples


You may also need a Case Civil Non-Domestic Information Report.


Please note: 

If a Workers Compensation Commission case….


If you are filing for review of a decision from the Workers' Compensation Commission, then a copy of the petition must be served by the petitioner by first class mail to the Commission and all other parties of record in the agency proceeding. You will need to add a certificate of service.  For more information: http://www.peoples-law.org/service-and-certificates-service





  • West's Maryland Digest 2d, 1 Md. D. 2d., IV. JUDICIAL REMEDIES AND REVIEW, k1601-k2100 (KM1257 .M3 1993 RES) 


  • West's Maryland Law Encyclopedia, 1 M. L. E., Administrative Law and Procedure §§ 64-82. (REF KFM 1265 .W43)


  • Maryland Civil Procedure Forms 3rd ed. / Robert D. Klein (LEXIS, 2000) Title 7- Chapter 200  (KFM1730.A65 K64 2000 V.2)



  • Practice Manual for the Maryland Lawyer 6th ed.  / (MSBA, 2023) §2- Chapter 8: "Challenges to Agency Action".  (KFM1730.A65 P7 2023 V.1)
    • Also available on Lexis and Westlaw in Law Library 


  • Principles and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law / Arnold Rochvarg, M. (Carolina Academic Press, 2011).  (KFM1640.R63 2011)


  • Appellate Practice for the Maryland Lawyer: State and Federal 5th ed. / Paul Mark Sandler, Andrew D. Levy, & Steven M. Klepper, eds. (MSBA, 2018)  Chapter 25: "Appeals From Administrative Agencies" by Honorable Paul W. Grimm & Robert B. Levin.  (KFM1755 .A9 2018) 





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