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Minutes 02-27-2013

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 11 years, 3 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Minutes February 27, 2013

Law Library Conference Room


Attending: Lisa Sarro, Anita Bailey, Joan Bellistri, Chris Poulsen, Hon. Pamela North, Hon. Eileen Reilly and Michelle Moodispaw.


Approval of Minutes: Minutes 11-28-2012 - next time


I. Local Pro Bono Committee

A. Regional Meeting March 18, 2013 - Reminders will be sent to the Committee in order that Anne Anne Arundel have a good turnout.


B. Committee Organization and draft Work Plan September 2012 - The Committee will begin considering a new chair.


C. Plan Review - wiki collaboration is ongoing.


D. Annual Report - An updated 6 months report was sent to the Standing Committee. Joan Bellistri will send a report to Hon. Nancy Davis-Loomis.


E. Partners for Justice Conference, Joint Meeting of Local Pro Bono and Standing Committee, May 16, 2013 in the first program slot at 9:15. (Baltimore Convention Center) -Program and registration information will be sent to the committee as soon as it is available.


II. Programs and Projects


A. Guardians for unaccompanied children (KIND?)

AABA Family Committee program was on the February 2013 agenda. Judge North did receive a thank you note from Van Doane (?) regarding her presentation. Michelle Moodispaw will contact Jeremiah Chiappelli to see what the family committee thought of the program and the possibility of establishing it here.


Chris Poulsen brought a homeless information sheet from the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. She will invite Lynn Weiss of AACPS to speak to the Committee at the April meeting.


B. Ask a Lawyer referral policy - There was a complaint from a program participant concerning a referral to a specific attorney. Joanie will send a reminder to Ask a Lawyer volunteers that all referrals be to the AABA LRS or MVLS and not to a specific attorney.


C. Education and Outreach


1. Information to SRL - "How to get an attorney"

a. Court Mailings:

Brochure review - It was decided that the information in the Anne arundel County Legal Services Directory be rearranged in a single sheet format with more explanation of services. Services should be grouped by category. The Office of the Public Defender should be under the heading “Criminal.” A Spanish version will be investigated. The information sheet is intended for mailings to self represented litigants and to be accessible for plaintiffs in the clerk’s offices of the District and Circuit courts. Once the changes have been made, Joanie will send to the Committee for review. Once approved, Judge North will ask Judge Davis-Loomis to consider use of the sheet in the circuit court and Judge Reilly will contact Judge McKenna.


b. Law School for the Public (Community Law Forum) - The Anne Arundel County Legal Services Directory Brochure will be made available to those attending the event and Glen Klavans will incorporate the information into his opening remarks concerning the need for an attorney.


2. Pro bono opportunity information to the bar

Inns of Court Presentation - Michelle reported that her presentation went well but had less time than anticipated.


AABA functions - Anita Bailey will contact the chairs of the AABA Young Lawyers/New Lawyers to discuss the possibility of the Committee providing a program or being able to address pro bono at other Young Lawyer events.


Meet the Judges spring program - Joan Bellistri will contact Fran Czjacka to see if there will be a spring Meet the Judges Program and if a Pro Bono segment could an be added to the program.


3. Barrister Column to highlight “stars” and providers/opportunities:


Michele Moodispaw/Pro Bono Week meeting - was covered in the January issue


Pro Bono Recognition Lunch - Joan Bellistri will write an article and provide pictures.


Anne Arundel's new ranking - back to last - Anita Bailey and Lisa Sarro will contact Jessica Daigle to see if she is interested in a president’s column dedicated to pro bono. The format could be an interview of Lisa and Anita that begins with the fact that Anne Arundel County is again last in the rankings and provide information on the need experienced by Legal Aid as seen in the number of attorneys from outside of the county who handle cases placed by MVLS.


4. Self Help Workshops\Videos - How a case will proceed. - Joan Bellistri reported that the need for this information was voiced in a recent meeting of different courthouse departments.


D. Homeless Resource Day 2013 - March 16, 2013 - Volunteer requests were sent to all past Homeless Day volunteers and all of the Ask A Lawyer volunteers. The request will be included in the bar’s blast. Expungement training will be provided by HPRP on March 4 in the law library at 12:30. A minimum of 12 volunteers is hoped for. Before the bar blast, there are 8 sign-ups.


E. Family Law Self Help Center volunteers for ½ days - Names of family law attorneys who offer to volunteer will be forwarded to Anita Bailey.


F. Pro Bono Recruitment - Anita Bailey and Lisa Sarra reported that most of the LAB referrals to MVLS were placed with attorneys from other counties. The possibility of sending out a survey to AABA members asking what are the obstacles to volunteering and what services might make it easier.  Investigation as to whether Anne Arundel law firms have pro bono policies was suggested.  Further discussion will continue after we obtain information at the March 18 Pro Bono Regional Meeting

1. MVLS and PBRC programs

2. Local referral service

a. Investigate Mid-Shore Model - Joan Bellistri and Michelle Moodispaw will visit Mid-Shore Pro Bono to investigate that local pro bono referral service.


Next Meeting: March 27, 2013 - 5:00 pm.

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