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Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

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Maryland Resources:


Anne Arundel County Public Schools - Materials from Presentation by Lynne Weise


Unaccompanied Youth AACPS.ppt  


Public Justice Center (Monisha Cherayil)

They have some nice handouts.  The brochure can be found at the link below.  They also had a nice hand-out card on the right to stay in school.


http://www.publicjustice.org/uploads/file/pdf/EdStab_Brochure_2012_July%20FINAL.pdf  (brochure)

Healthcare for the Homeless (Judy Kandel - jkandle@hchmd.org)



Md Annotated Code 20-102 Capacity of a minor to consent to medical or dental treatment:

Homeless Persons Representation Project (Ingrid M. Lofgren - ilofgren@hprplaw.org)

LGBT Youth Homelessness

Baltimore City Drop-In Center (Lara Law - lara@yesdropincenter.org)



ABA Resources


ABA Legal Center for Foster Care & Education 


The Center has a database of publications. Some examples follow:


What Child Welfare Advocates Can Do for Unaccompanied Youth


ABA Center on Children and the Law  (contact: Kathleen McNaught)




Kids in Need of Defenselegal counsel to unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children in the United States.


National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth 



People's Law Library: Homeless Students and School



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