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Agenda 05-22-2013

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 11 years ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Meeting Agenda for May 22, 2013

Law Library Conference Room


Approval of Minutes: Minutes 03-27-2013



I. Local Pro Bono Committee


               A. Committee Organization and draft Work Plan September 2012


               B. Plan Review - wiki collaboration


               C. Annual Report 


               D. Partners for Justice Conference, Joint Meeting of Local Pro Bono and Standing Committee


               E. Regional Pro Bono Meeting - Goals 

                             see page 11 of the  Minutes


 II. Programs and Projects


          A.  Service for unaccompanied and/or homeless children 



          B.  Education and Outreach


               1. Information to SRL - "How to get an attorney"

                    a. Court Mailings:

                    Brochure review

                    District Court - Judge Reilly

                    Circuit Court - Judge North



               2. Pro bono opportunity information to the bar                     

                     Inns of Court Presentation - report

                     AABA functions - Young Lawyers

                     Meet the Judges spring program


               3. Inns of Court Program - Judge Asti


               4. Barrister Column to highlight “stars” and providers/opportunities

                      Pro Bono Recognition Lunch and Homeless Day

                      Anne Arundel's new ranking - back to last


               5. Self Help Workshops\Videos - How a case will proceed.


           C.  Family Law Self Help Center volunteers for 1/2 days


D.  Pro Bono Recruitment

          1. MVLS and PBRC programs

          2. Local referral service

               a. Investigate Mid-Shore Model


Next Meeting: June 26, 2013 

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