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Minutes 06-26-2013

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 10 years, 10 months ago

Anne Arundel County Local Pro Bono Committee

June 26, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Law Library Conference Room


Attending:  Anita Bailey, Joan Bellistri, Scott MacMullan, Michelle Moodispaw, Hon. Pamela North


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of 3/27/13, 4/24/13, and 5/22/13 approved


I.          Local Pro Bono Committee

A.    Joanie will continue as chair of the committee, but with the assistance of one or more “note-takers” who will take minutes of the meetings.  Anita Bailey took the minutes for this meeting.          

B.    Draft work plan:  Joanie will begin emailing discussion points in steps to solicit comments from committee members with a link to the existing plan on the wiki.

C.    Annual Report:  the report was submitted to the Standing Committee for Pro Bono Service and will be forwarded by Joanie to Judge Davis-Loomis

II.         New Business


         ·        Judge North will contact AOC and Judge Woodward to see if there is an applicable training available through the foster care court improvement program

          ·        Anita will check with Erin Gable at the Legal Studies Institute at AACC

          ·        Joanie will review her email to see if she has recently received notice of similar trainings

          ·        The family law committee of the MSBA might also have some trainings

III.       Programs and Projects

  2. Education and Outreach
    2. Encouraging the local bar: 


          ·        The Committee discussed contacting MVLS to find out what issues/types of cases are not taken by AA attorneys

          ·        The Committee discussed scheduling a “pro bono summit” and including top firms and legal services providers

          ·        Judge North suggested that the Committee focus on more experienced attorneys, who could handle matters with less research efforts and/or who might be amenable to mentoring

          ·        Anita Bailey and Lisa Sarro shall continue to work on an article for the Barrister, with the new AABA president, to highlight needs and AA County’s low-ranking pro bono statistics


IV.       Next Meeting:  July 24, 2013


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