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Agenda 08-28-2013

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 9 years, 7 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Meeting Agenda for August 28, 2013

Law Library Conference Room


Approval of Minutes:  7-24-2013


I. Local Pro Bono Committee


               A. Committee Organization and draft Work Plan September 2013

                    vice-chair/secretary/minute taker


               B. Plan Review - wiki collaboration


               C. Annual Report 


 II. Programs and Projects


          A.  Guardians for unaccompanied children



          B. Appointment of Child's Counsel



          C.  Education and Outreach


               1. Information to SRL - "How to get an attorney"

                    a. Court Mailings:  

                     Referral Sheet reveiw

                    District Court - Judge Reilly

                    Circuit Court - Judge North


               2. Pro bono opportunity information to the bar   

                     Judge Silkworth's suggestions                 

                     Inns of Court - special guest Patty Stephenson


                          AABA functions - Young Lawyers

                          Meet the Judges program


               3. Barrister Column to highlight “stars” and providers/opportunities                      


               4. Self Help Workshops\Videos - How a case will proceed.

                         Frank Gray has offered assistance


           D.  Family Law Self Help Center volunteers for 1/2 days


 E.  Pro Bono Recruitment

          1. MVLS and PBRC programs

          2. Local referral service

               a. Investigate Mid-Shore Model


III. New Business 

          A. Pro Bono Week 2013

               1. People's Law Library

                2. Pro Bono Poster / Information Session


          B. New Program/Opportunity

                1. Lighthouse Shelter                    



Next Meeting: September 25, 2013

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