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Minutes 04-23-2014

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 9 years, 10 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Minutes 02/26/2014

Law Library Conference Room


Attending:  Michelle Moodispaw, Lauren Wallace, Judge Reilly, Chris Poulsen and Lisa Sarro (by telephone)


Approved 3/26/2014 minutes


Discussed Partners for Justice

            Lauren cannot attend after all

            Legal Aid may send a few attorneys

            Chris Poulson might like to attend


Review Homeless Resource Day

Chris Poulson reported that it was very successful.  Legal saw 88 people. The dental truck was very busy, had a very efficient set-up.  HRD had to pay for the truck, supplies and dental assistants but the dentists donated their time.  The money came from donations so if they had more money they could have provided more services.  95% of those attending were homeless or about to be homeless.  One challenge is helping people get info for MVA and SS because of the identity requirements.


Lauren reported that the Y is in need of pro bono attorneys as their list is wearing thin, they are relying on the same people and need new help.  Attorneys usually get less than a week’s notice of a hearing.


Further discussion about the potential advantages of a local referral committee.


Discussed whether there could be a way for clients to contact/apply for MVLS from the Courthouse.


Agreed to review/approve Action Plan at the next meeting.


Reviewing materials from ABA about pro bono best practices.



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