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Minutes 05-28-2014

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 8 years, 10 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Minutes 05/28/2014

Law Library Conference Room


Attending: Lisa Sarro, Lauren Wallace, Bill Davis, Anita Bailey, Joan Bellistri, and Nancy Faulkner.


Minutes 04-23-2014 were approved.


I. Local Pro Bono Committee


APlan Review - MRP 16-902 - Anita Bailey and Lauren Wallace will provide statistics to supplement information for the needs assessment update.


B. Wiki review and demonstration of Local Pro Bono Committee page


C. Partners for Justice and Joint Statewide Pro Bono Meeting - May 15, 2014 - report

Joan Bellistri and Chris Poulsen attended the Conference. The impact of "Richmond" volunteers was mentioned in the opening remarks.  Programs attended included one on  Writing Clearly, serving unaccompanied youth and web engagement.  The joint meeting of the Standing Committee and the local pro bono committees was held after the conference.  Each of the committees presented on their activities. Discussion centered on pro bono statistics and the concept of local resistance to pro bono and working with formal pro bono programs.


D. Membership (MRP 16-902 (3), (4) and (5)) - the Committee will develop a procedure for new members, length of terms, the replacement of the chair, and assessment of membership by the County Administrative Judge.


II. Programs and Projects 


A. Education and Outreach


1. Pro bono opportunity information to the bar

     a. Inns of Court and Judge Silkworth's Chambers Chats - Judge Silkworth was unable to attend the meeting but did report later that the next Chambers Chat will be held at Council Baradel in September.

     b. AABA Bar President's Message - request for pro bono stories - waiting to hear from Fran

     c. AABA functions

          1) Young Lawyers: Meet the Judges update - waiting to hear from Fran

Nancy Faulkner mentioned that there had been a "meet the administrative judges and family law judges" that could provide other opportunities for pro bono promotion.    


2. Barrister Column to highlight “stars” and providers/opportunities - 

     a. Judge Caroom's request for stories - Joanie will follow up with Judge Caroom  and will contact Denis O'Connell for his successful immigration pro bono story.

C. Pro Bono Recruitment

     1  Best Practices: Volunteer Recruitment (p.27 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees) - ongoing

     2. Best Practices: Collaborating with the Judiciary (p.71 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees)

          a. Judge North's letter to local firms is ready to go

          b. letter from Judge Barbera will be sent to all Maryland judges informing them that it is ethical to  support pro bono service and will include an example of a letter that could be sent doing so.

     3. MVLS and PBRC programs - local coordination and PBRC E-Bulletin - Joanie will look to arrange another meeting with MVLS and the AABA LRS.

     4. Local referral service - collaboration with the bar - warm referrals - triage / centralization

          a. incubator program - 

Joanie mentioned the LSC Innovation grants that could be used to start an incubator program to promote pro bono service through the provision of limited scope services by partnering with Legal Aid.  She will send the information to Anita Bailey for review of the idea's feasibility.


III. New Business:


     A. Pro Bono recognition

          1. annual award - AABA Annual Meeting, Bar Weekend, other events  

We will contact the new AABA president and Fran in order to see if this is something that could be done at the annual meeting each year.


     B. Other??




Next Meeting: June 25, 2014






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