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Minutes 07-23-2014

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 9 years, 9 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Minutes July 23, 2014

Law Library Conference Room


Attending: Lauren E. Wallace, Bill Davis, Joan Bellistri, Chris Poulsen, Hon. Eileen Reilly, Kim Doan, and Robin Henley, President of Inns of Court.


Minutes 04-23-2014 and Minutes 05-28-2014 were approved.


I. Local Pro Bono Committee

     A. Committee membership (MRP 16-902 (a) (3), (4) and (5))

Joan had a short phone call with AABA President, Steve Oberg concerning the requirement that he appoint the attorney members of the Committee and that at least one of the bar appointments be an officer of the bar.  Joan provided a list of current, active attorney members as a suggestion for Committee appointments. (Lisa Sarro, Suzanne Vetter, Michelle Moodispaw, Kim Doan and Nancy Faulkner.)  Kim Doan stated at the meeting tonight that she will not be a Committee member. This information will be forwarded to Steve Oberg.


B. Plan Review - MRP 16-902 - Lauren Wallace provided a copy of YWCA statistics for last year reflecting the types of cases that the Domestic Violence program cannot take. Once Legal Aid statistics are received the plan will be forwarded to the Committee for formal approval.


C. Wiki review and demonstration of Local Pro Bono Committee page - ongoing


II. Programs and Projects


B. Education and Outreach


1. Pro bono opportunity information to the bar

     a. Inns of Court discussion with Special Guest: Robin Henley, Inns of Court President


Robin was provided statistics and background information about the Committee.  Current Anne Arundel County limited advice programs including the Law Library lawyer in the Library, the Lawyer in the Library at the public library and service at the Annual Homeless resource Day were outlined.


Ways in which pro bono message has been brought to the Inns in the past were discussed. Methods included opening remarks/program at meetings, messages at chambers chats, and a pre-dinner "pro bono commercial."


Robin being familiar with Mid-shore pro bono for volunteer experience wondered if  there were anything like it in Anne Arundel County.  This prompted a discussion concerning the use of MVLS as the Anne Arundel pro bono referral service and the sources of Mid-shore's funding.

Joanie will send Rob links for signing up for MVLS and the PBRC list of opportunities.


Discussion of other opportunities to explore included bankruptcy and foreclosure workshops and custody mediation (Judge Reilly will explore with District Court ADR coordinator).


The next scheduled chambers chat will be on August 7. It will be a  lunch for Judge North in the Law Library Conference Room.


The following plan was suggested for the Inns program at October Inns meeting which will be during Pro Bono month (week) which will be Judge Silkworth's pupilage's program. Ideas included a presentation of pro bono experiences by of a number of attorneys (cf list of MVLS and Inns membership),  step-by-step directions on how to sign-up for pro bono with a hand-out with a  mention of chance of referrals later for possible paying cases.


     b. AABA Bar President - will attend the next Committee meeting on 9/24 for discussion of AABA promotion of pro bono.


     c. AABA functions - It was suggested that a Committee member attend a AABA family law section meeting or program.

          1) Young Lawyers - involvement of young lawyers - contact Jimmy Praley and Jess 

          2) Meet the judges - no news from Fran

          2) Bar Weekend message - for discussion on 9/24

          3) bar events and meetings  - for discussion on 9/24


2. Barrister Column to highlight “stars” and providers/opportunities - 

     a. Judge Caroom's request for stories - It was suggested that Denis O'Connell write an account of the immigration case he handled pro bono.

C. Pro Bono Recruitment

     1  Best Practices: Volunteer Recruitment (p.27 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees)

          a.  AABA Pro Bono Award - for discussion on 9/24

     2. Best Practices: Collaborating with the Judiciary (p.71 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees)

          a. Judge North's letter to local firms - revised and ready to go

          b. letter from Judge Barbera - no news

     3. MVLS and PBRC programs - local coordination and PBRC E-Bulletin

     4. Local referral service - collaboration with the bar - warm referrals - triage / centralization

          a. incubator program - There was a brief discussion as a way to promote Limited Scope Representation and pro bono.


III. New Business:     


     A. Meeting schedule, time and location - less frequent, with online work in between, every other month?


     B. Foreclosure workshops - see Inns discussion above.


     C. Expungement app as reported in the Sun on July 15 was brought to the attention of the Committee by Judge Reilly. 



Next Meeting: September 24, 2014

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