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Agenda 10-22-2014

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 8 years, 11 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Meeting Agenda for October 22, 2014

Law Library Conference Room


Approval of Minutes: Minutes 09-24-2014


I. Local Pro Bono Committee


A. Committee membership (MRP 16-902 (a) (3), (4) and (5) - reserved for email discussion

     1. AABA appointments


B. Plan Review - MRP 16-902 - Legal Aid stats


C. Wiki review and demonstration of Local Pro Bono Committee page - ongoing


II. Programs and Projects


A. Education and Outreach


1. Pro bono opportunity information to the bar

     a. Inns of Court and Judge Silkworth's Chambers Chats 

          Pro Bono message at October 2 meeting


     b. AABA - 

          1. Bar President's Message - column and request for pro bono stories - follow up


          2. Pro Bono Award


          3. AABA functions

            (a) Young Lawyers: Meet the Judges update

            (b)  Bar Weekend message

            (c)  bar events and meetings


          4. Barrister Column to highlight “stars” and providers/opportunities - volunteers needed


B. Pro Bono Recruitment

     1  Best Practices: Volunteer Recruitment (p.27 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees)

          a.  AABA Pro Bono Award


     2. Best Practices: Collaborating with the Judiciary (p.71 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees)

          a. Bench Meeting presentation


C. Projects


     1. MVLS and PBRC programs - local coordination and PBRC E-Bulletin -

           a.  information to Inns and the Barrister (How to register and receive email alerts)


     2. Local referral service - collaboration with the bar - warm referrals - triage / centralization

          a. incubator program and LRS rules

          b. judges' list - MVLS partnership


     3. Pro Bono Celebration - week/month

          a. Three part challenge and Pro Bono article/email

               i. prize drawings

          b. Inns "commercial message" / song

          c. Pro Bono calendar

          d. Pro Bono Connection


     4. Homeless Resource Day - 3/28/2015

          a. MDEC / waivers


III. New Business:     

     A. Pro bono recognition lunch

     B. Bankruptcy workshop - partnership with MVLS in the spring


Next Meeting:  4th Wednesday conflicts with holidays

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