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Minutes 10-22-2014

Page history last edited by Joan Bellistri 9 years, 2 months ago

Anne Arundel County Pro Bono Committee

Minutes October 22, 2014

Law Library Conference Room


Attending: Lisa Sarro, Lauren E. Wallace, Michelle Moodispaw, Nancy Faulkner, Joan Bellistri, and Chris Poulsen.


Minutes 09-24-2014   were approved.


I. Local Pro Bono Committee -


A. Committee membership (MRP 16-902 (a) (3), (4) and (5) - reserved for email discussion


     1. AABA appointments -  Fran sent an email to chair, Joan Bellistri, informing the Committee that the AABA appointments, in addition to Michelle Moodispaw, Anita Bailey, and Nancy Faulkner, would be Kunle Adyemo, co-chair of the Community Services Division and Stacey Rice, AABA Secretary.  


B. Plan Review - MRP 16-902 - Lisa Sarro let us know that Legal Aid statistics are not available at this time to add to the plan.  


C. Wiki review and demonstration of Local Pro Bono Committee page - ongoing


II. Programs and Projects


A. Education and Outreach


1. Pro bono opportunity information to the bar


     a. Inns of Court

          i. Judge Silkworth's Chambers Chats - Joanie will provide a handout detailing pro bono opportunities 

          ii. October 2 meeting and pro bono message - The program "And you call yourself a judge" included a commercial break for pro bono.  A song to the tune of the Beatle's "With a Little Help from My Friends" was performed. It was also played during the pre-dinner happy hour with this "message:"   (http://prezi.com/umazuan24yvv/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

A description of the pro bono challenge part I and pro bono chocolates were placed at each place setting.


     b. AABA 

          1. Bar President's Message -  Steve asked for suggestions as to who would be good subjects and 

Cara McCandless, AABA staff handling the Barrister, contacted Joanie and asked for attorneys who would be good pro bono subjects. 


          2. AABA Pro Bono Award - Nancy Faulkner will draft a proposal for presentation to the bar.


          3. AABA functions:


            (a) New Lawyers: Meet the Judges program.  Joanie will contact the New Lawyers chairs, Jimmy Praley and Jessica Smoluchowski.


            (b)  Bar Weekend - We will ask new members Kunle and Stacey for suggestions.


            (c)  Bar events and meetings - Again, we will ask new members Kunle and Stacey for suggestions.


          4. Barrister column to highlight “stars” and providers/opportunities. --  Cara McCandless, AABA staff handling the Barrister, contacted Joanie and asked for attorneys who would be good pro bono subjects.


B. Pro Bono Recruitment

     1  Best Practices: Volunteer Recruitment (p.27 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees)

          a.  AABA Pro Bono Award - proposal will be formulated and presented to the AABA.  Nancy Faulkner volunteered to work on this project.


     2. Best Practices: Collaborating with the Judiciary (p.71 Best Practices for Local Pro Bono Committees)

          a. Bench Meeting Presentation - Joanie will contact Judge Hackner to find out if there is a date when the Committee could provide information to the bench concerning pro bono and self help services and to find out what judges' view as needs.  We can investigate having Judge Jensen, the Standing Committee Chair, visiting as well.


C. Projects


     1. MVLS and PBRC programs - local coordination and PBRC E-Bulletin


           a.  information on how to register and receive email alerts should be sent to Inns and the Barrister - Joanie will create a hand-out and send contents to the Inns and AABA.


     2. Local referral service - collaboration with the bar - warm referrals - triage / centralization


          a. Incubator program combined with unbundling, limited scope representation was discussed. Lisa mentioned the need for volunteer attorneys to assist FLSHC clients with drafting of documents beyond the scope of the program.  


          b. judges' list - MVLS partnership

Joanie will follow up with  Bonnie Sullivan of MVLS to further discuss details on how a list of attorneys willing to take a case at the request of judge could be created.


     3. Pro Bono Celebration - week/month


          a. Three part challenge and Pro Bono article/email

               i. prize drawings - Joanie will donate a bottle of wine.  Other donations to be considered once the time for entering has closed.


          b. Inns "commercial message" / song - see description under Inns


          c. Pro Bono calendar - regularly scheduled "Lawyer in the Library" events were included in the National and Statewide calendars


          d. Pro Bono Connection - Joanie attended the Pro Bono Connection and as a result a number of law students have volunteered to help.  We could follow the "Just Advice" model and have the students perform the intake for the "Lawyer in the Library" programs.  No attorneys attended but it was also a good opportunity to meet pro bono providers.


     4. Homeless Resource Day - 3/28/2015

          a. MDEC / waivers - filing would have to be by a provider.  This might be investigated further.


III. New Business:     

     A. Pro bono recognition lunch - A date in late January will be considered.  Joanie will contact the Main Ingredient.


     B. Bankruptcy workshop - Lonni Summers of MVLS approached Joanie at the Pro Bono Connection about having a bankruptcy workshop in the Law Library in the spring. The possibility of a foreclosure workshop was also discussed.


     C. Social Security Pro Bono program - Chris Poulsen shared an article in the September 15, 2014 MSBA Bar Bulletin describing the Social Security national pro bono program that will start with a Maryland pilot program.

     D. Lisa Sarro mentioned another resource for consumer debt assistance: MoneyWise.


Next Meeting:  4th Wednesday conflicts with holidays - A doodle poll for a meeting in early December will be sent with the minutes. (http://doodle.com/eemg7w48p7khs9e3) 

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